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Who can be with the patient on the default appointment?

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Who can be with the patient on the default appointment?

Who can be with the patient on the default appointment? As long as patients ask this question, what is the possibility of someone else being present on the default appointment?

There is no doubt that it is recommended to choose a quiet place where no one is present in order to make electronic appointments, but there are some cases that require the presence of some other people with the patient within the virtual appointment.

A close family member, such as: a mother, father, brother, sister, son, or daughter, or the nurse or anyone caring for the patient or volunteers can take care of the patient by being with the patient on the default appointment.

Cases that require the presence of people with the patient on the default appointment

There is no harm in the presence of the aforementioned persons with the patient on the default appointment, and this often happens in several circumstances and cases, here are the most important ones:

A patient with a condition that restricts movement

Some patients may have conditions that hinder them from moving either due to advanced age or a health condition such as fractures or the like, as it is allowed to have a person help the patient to adjust the computer screen, mobile phone, or tablet in order to make the default appointment.

The presence of a person to help the patient in the event of his inability to move is also important in order to write notes that the doctor presents to the patient, especially important notes.

Patient’s lack of knowledge of technology use

It is recommended to have another person with the patient in case he does not know how to use technology in order to make virtual appointments, as this is very important in order for the patient to receive medical care in the right way.

Webteb Pro provides detailed instructions for the use of electronic clinics, as these instructions can be read by the patient or by the person assisting him before making the virtual appointment.

Family psychotherapy sessions

Family psychotherapy sessions are conducted within the electronic clinics, so that these sessions target one of the family members together so that the doctor can talk to them about the most important course of the case they are going through.

It is usually recommended that the family members involved in the problem be present together in order to conduct family psychotherapy sessions.

The patient is unable to speak or hear

It is recommended that another person be with the patient in the virtual clinic if the patient is unable to speak or hear, either because of his difficult health condition or because of a pre-existing health condition that made him lose his speech or sense of hearing.

The presence of another person with the patient in the electronic clinic in the event that he is not able to speak or hear well is necessary to help the patient talk with the doctor about the patient’s condition, in addition to writing all the notes that the doctor makes.

WebTebPro provides a special platform to help people with speech and hearing problems, as this platform helps provide all the services and supports that these people need in order to make virtual appointments.

Revision dates

Another person from the patient’s family or the person caring for him can be present during the medical review appointments, as this is important in order to inform the doctor about the most important issues that the patient faces after receiving treatment.


Who can be with the patient on the default appointment? A family member or any of the persons caring for the patient is allowed to be with the patient at the default appointment in certain cases that require it.

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